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 Welcome to the Darkside

The Darkside has downed the Mighty Firelord!!


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The Darkside is a friendly and very social guild. We are focused on 10 man raids at the moment with 2 different raiding groups. The core group raids Monday, Tuesday, and Wednsday from 11pm-2am server time. The Secondary group raids Friday and Saturday from 10pm-1am server time. We are currently a level 25 guild and have downed 12/12 bosses in BoT/BWD/To4W and we are 7/7 in Firelands and 6/7 in heroic Firelands. We are currently in need of raiders who are consistant and raid ready for our 2nd group looking to start hard modes. Whisper Geemoney, or Avalu for info.
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Heroic Baleroc!

ssdizzle33, Nov 2, 11 4:03 AM.

We are now 6/7 Heroic modes! Keep it up Darkside!

Heroic Beth!

ssdizzle33, Nov 2, 11 4:00 AM.

Great night getting heroic Beth down!

Heroic Shannox!

ssdizzle33, Nov 2, 11 3:54 AM.

 Although the date says otherwise, Shannox was our first heroic kill. Grats team!

Heroic Alysrazor!

ssdizzle33, Oct 21, 11 3:10 AM.

Alysrazor is down!! Thats 4 down 3 to go. Keep it up Darkside!!!

Heroic Rhyolith

ssdizzle33, Oct 21, 11 3:05 AM.

Heroic Rhyolith down after only 2 attempts that night. Great job Darkside! Keep up the good work!!

Heroic Staghelm

ssdizzle33, Oct 7, 11 1:07 AM.

After only a few attempts heroic Staghelm is down! Anything is possible when we put our minds to it! Good job everyone, keep up the great work.

Looking to be Promoted?

ssdizzle33, Oct 3, 11 2:17 PM.
If you are looking to be promoted within the guild speak to an officer and they will tell you what you need to do for the guild to be promoted. Some of these things may include making flasks, picking herbs, making potions, gathering enchanting mats, or even fishing.
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Khadgar (PvE)
The Darkside is currently not recruiting.
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